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All You Must Know About Technical Surveillance Countermeasure

In an effort to deploy technical surveillance countermeasure operation successfully, there are huge varieties of technical spying gear that can be utilized in the procedure like GPS tracking gear, surveillance gears, audio radio frequency transmitters, spy cams and many other hi-tech spy gears. Most of these devices have a built-in motion detector sensor which allows it to capture and record information when the target is on its range.

To avoid detection of the surveillance device, it is typically concealed across the area. However, there will be an exception as the surveillance gear to be deployed is going to be a nanny camera. These cameras are typically concealed in everyday household items similar to baby toys, tissue boxes or clocks and can also go undetected for long periods of time.

When the technical surveillance countermeasure becomes active, spying gear devices will be monitored on a regular basis. Through this, it will guarantee that the equipment is working just the way they are intended to. The surveillance operator might also check on the physical devices in collecting video or any recorded data every now and then. The surveillance operations are then executed over a certain number of days, weeks and occasionally, months.

The biggest concern of a surveillance operator is that, their target may notice the spying device that’s installed in the place. Having said that, it is necessary to carry out physical observation of spying device. However, the operator is risking of exposing the operation at large by physically checking the installed gears. For this reason, the target of technical surveillance threat could use this info in determining who is performing such surveillance.

Any experienced and good surveillance operator will be checking the gears installed throughout the place. Many of technical surveillance countermeasure equipment comes with functioning capabilities to be able to activate the device regardless of your location and motion detection feature as well. This actually extends the battery of the spying gear. Some technical spying gear however is vulnerable to technical counter surveillance measures when it’s used for the operation. This is because of the reason that spying devices transmits within specific frequency range that could be detected by using proper technical surveillance countermeasure equipment. However, you should know that detecting the device is more difficult when it is not active, thus the need for countermeasures.

Another reason why the surveillance team has to do the installation discreetly is that, it could either be discovered or compromised without their knowledge. If the device is discovered by their target, then their target might send them misleading info that can spoil all their surveillance efforts.

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