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Understanding Isochronic Meditation and Its Benefits

Isochronic meditation is a type of meditation in which you listen to isochronic tones for brain stimulation. It provides serveral benefits, including relaxation, improved focus and increased energy levels, without assistance from any special equipment or drugs.

Isochronic tones work by guiding your dominant brainwave activity to a different frequency, which in turn allows you to consciously shape your thoughts and emotions. You can feel the effects in a matter of minutes, and all you have to do is listen to the tones.

The Workings Behind Isochronic Meditation

Isochronic tones make use of brainwave entrainment, a process that can control brainwave activity as a way to achieve a more desired mental disposition. Entrainment happens when the brainwave frequency begins to copy that of the stimulus. Isochronic tones represent a stimulus is in the form of clear and repetitive beats.

This nature of isochronic tones creates what is called an evoked potential, or evoked response in the brain, which is basically a recording from the nervous system of the presentation of the stimulus. Such electrical potentials may be visible and recorded with the use of an electroencephalograph (EEG).

Benefits of Isochronic Meditation

Anxiety or Stress Relief

During times of stress, anxiety or anger, a person’s beta brain activity increases. With exposure to low beta or alpha frequency isochronic tones, the dominant frequency will be lowered and feelings of stress and anxiety will be minimized.


There are times when relaxing and reaching a deeper state of meditation is very difficult, especially if meditation is new to you. With the use of low alpha and theta frequencies, your brain can be eased into these deeply relaxing and usually enlightening mental states.

Improvement in Memory, Cognition and Focus

When you have to work or study, your brain will not always be ready to focus. Isochronic tones can drive your brainwaves up to a more optimal state during times when you feel distracted, unmotivated, or just plain exhausted.

Based on research, Alpha stimulation can also improve your ability to memorize or retain information. This is why isochronic meditation is quite popular among students, especially when they have to prepare for major tests or exams.

Better Sleep and Power Napping

When sleep is hard to come by, there’s a good chance you have too much beta activity in your brain. Isochronic meditation may be used to minimize your beta activity and emphasize your low delta frequency range so you can sleep faster and better.

Increased Energy and Motivation

Finally, through isochronic meditation, you can increase your beta and gamma brainwave activity to increase your energy levels and make you feel more motivated to go about your day and your life. It is definitely a healthy alternative to stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks.

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